EZLA began her music career by moving to the heart of Music City —Nashville, TN.

There she found her artistry lived outside the boundary lines with her dark lyricism and live performance.

She teamed up with Nashville’s underground world of pop producers and writers to help bring to life her own brand of music, which integrates aspects of electronic-driven beats and organic instruments.

Her vocal conviction and grit infused with her contagious melodies has created a stir worth a listen.

The debut EP ‘OUTCASTS’ poetically highlights the cowardness of human decadence with tracks such as ‘PSYCHO KILLERS’ to the bliss of true love with ‘SATELLITES,’ and everything in-between.

With her idiosyncratic take on music, EZLA and her sound can be defined as nothing less than an unforgettable encounter – giving audiences a chance to step outside their comfort zones.